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Preferential Procurement Automation

The Supplier Management System automates Preferential Procurement by matching supplier spend with B-BBEE scorecards pulled automatically from our scorecard database. It offers a wide range of reporting functions, scenario planning, and bulk communication to help companies manage the dynamics that make up Preferential Procurement.

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The Preferential Procurement scorecard is calculated by matching supplier procurement spend to the B-BBEE compliance of suppliers. The scorecard can be calculated using spend from a prior fiscal period or can be tracked "live".


When measuring Preferential Procurement for a prior fiscal period, a list of all "included" supplier spend is uploaded into the system via a spreadsheet upload function. Procurement managers and B-BBEE professionals then encourage suppliers to access Beagle (the SMS's scorecard database) to upload copies of their latest B-BBEE scorecard certificates. Once the scorecard information is uploaded, the B-BBEE compliance information is matched with suppliers by VAT number. If a supplier's scorecard is available in our database, then all B-BBEE compliance information will automatically be drawn, thereby, calculating the relevant B-BBEE spend on the supplier.

Thanks to the efforts of our many clients, our scorecard database has become a vast repository of scorecards. Companies may find that many of their top suppliers' scorecard information has already been gathered and is available hassle free.

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