Supplier Management System

Preferential Procurement Automation

The Supplier Management System automates Preferential Procurement by matching supplier spend with B-BBEE scorecards pulled automatically from our scorecard database. It offers a wide range of reporting functions, scenario planning, and bulk communication to help companies manage the dynamics that make up Preferential Procurement.


The Preferential Procurement scorecard is calculated by matching supplier procurement spend to the B-BBEE compliance of suppliers. The scorecard can be calculated using spend from a prior fiscal period or can be tracked "live".


When measuring Preferential Procurement for a prior fiscal period, a list of all "included" supplier spend is uploaded into the system via a spreadsheet upload function. Procurement managers and B-BBEE professionals then encourage suppliers to access Beagle (the SMS's scorecard database) to upload copies of their latest B-BBEE scorecard certificates. Once the scorecard information is uploaded, the B-BBEE compliance information is matched with suppliers by VAT number. If a supplier's scorecard is available in our database, then all B-BBEE compliance information will automatically be drawn, thereby, calculating the relevant B-BBEE spend on the supplier.

Thanks to the efforts of our many clients, our scorecard database has become a vast repository of scorecards. Companies may find that many of their top suppliers' scorecard information has already been gathered and is available hassle free.

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