Supplier Management System

Preferential Procurement Automation

The Supplier Management System automates Preferential Procurement by matching supplier spend with B-BBEE scorecards pulled automatically from our scorecard database. It offers a wide range of reporting functions, scenario planning, and bulk communication to help companies manage the dynamics that make up Preferential Procurement.


An important part of managing a Preferential Procurement scorecard is the ability to inspect the underlying data in an effort to understand why targets are or aren't being met. The SMS offers reporting functionality that can be used to assess any aspect of the Preferential Procurement scorecard. Examples of the reports that can be run include:

  • A report indicating which suppliers constitute 80% of all procurement spend
  • Spend by commodity team, division, department or costs centre
  • All non-compliant suppliers
  • All suppliers where their B-BBEE scorecard expires within a defined period
  • All black-owned, QSE suppliers within a particular division

Reports can also be generated for submission to a verification agency, providing a means to streamline the verification process.

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